An air purifier and dehumidifier may seem to confuse some people. The truth of the matter is that each performs a specific purpose that cannot compliment the other. They work so well on what it was each meant to be for.

The differences

An air purifier filters the circulated air which traps air pollutants. It works by cleaning the air to be clean from irritants. A humidifier extracts excessive moisture in the air and does not affect the room temperature.

By knowing the difference between the two apparatus makes you to buy the right tool for the right use. Thou some may come in a combined form but this is very rare to find.

Reasons making the dehumidifier trend

It sucks heavily doing away with excessive moist in air in you room. It uses electric energy power to function using a pump to filter the moist air. Has an ionic unit that traps water and filters oxygen.

It puts off the breeding areas for insects that can be brought by the dampness of a place. It does not entertain growth of pathogens in a place.

It puts off the sweaty and stickiness moisture from clinging on windows and walls. It does not allow the thriving of fungi and mold.

The task of an air purifier

When you use it, evaluating of dust and pollen can be felt. It helps to remove pathogens in air to give a clean air surrounding. The smell of smoke cannot be breathed in while using it.

It remains to be a good choice for a smoker to purify the air. Its design is meant to do away with gaseous pollution of a place.

Where there is prohibition of smoking outside in a residential apartment, it chips in to work efficiently. It cannot sustain bad smell of a room while operating.

The two combinations

You can get the dehumidifier and air purifier reviews to get the one that works out for you. The place you are situated will determine which to use. It is difficult to get a combination of the two working together.

If by chance you get one, it is highly priced becoming unaffordable. The one combination known by few is the Pure and Dry HEPA 70 what if it breaks down. You lose huge sums of money and getting a technician to work on it is also difficult.

Getting the right machine

If you are living in an environment that has unhealthy humid air, you presumably go for a dehumidifier. You can use it in laundry rooms or the bathrooms here it works at its level best.

After you know that the air around is full of bad smoke like cigarettes and the smell of pet, use an air purifier. You can get an asthmatic condition if you continue living in such place.


Take a case study of the area you are living. This is to know the type of air condition that is around. Then head for the right tool with the price that you have a budget for. This will make you get the perfect results that you expect.