Sawyer Squeeze

On outdoor trips or trekking, it is important to pack necessary amounts of water to keep hydrated to combat the heat of the environment and to keep cool and replenish stamina. On casual adventures like this, water can be easily prepared and stored for the trip. However, on emergency and survival situations where no stored water is available, it can become a threat to the safety of the person. Nearby rivers and puddles of water may quench the thirst, but it is as risky and dangerous as getting dehydrated, as the water could contain harmful substances and organisms. That’s why it is important to have a water filtration system that can be carried around and be used easily when needed. The Sawyer Squeeze is one of the most popular water filters in the market, and here is why:


The Sawyer Squeeze only weighs about 85g (3 oz.) but it is slightly heavier than its smaller counterpart, the Sawyer Mini, which only weighs 56.7g. The Sawyer Squeeze is slightly heavier because of the extra accessories. The weight difference is not something to worry about; both are fairly light an easy to carry.


The Sawyer Squeeze effectively filters out the bacteria and protozoa that may be lurking in the water. This is why it is important to filter water before drinking and not drinking from the source as it could pose health problems. The filter also perfectly takes out sediments and other small and harmful particles in the water. The Sawyer Squeeze, however, uses a filter and not a purifier, which means it’s effective against bacteria and protozoa, but not viruses.

Type of Treatment

The Sawyer Squeeze is a squeeze type filtration just as its name suggests. Water is placed inside the bag. The water is then cleaned clear as it passes through the filter when the bag is squeezed. The Sawyer Squueze can also double as a gravity filter given the right setup.

Filter Size

The filter pore size is important to know as it gives an idea of just how much the filter can get the water clean. The Sawyer Squeeze has a standard filter pore size of .1 microns, which means that it can effectively filter out most bacteria and other pathogens and also clear the water from other harmful particles and debris.

Filter Media

The Sawyer Squeeze uses a point one hollow fiber membrane which is ideal for backpacking because it allows easy filtering and has a decent flow rate. The hollow fiber membrane also enables it to filter particulate.

Flow Rate

The Sawyer Squeeze’s filter media allows it to clean water effectively and quickly, with a rate of above 1 liter per minute. This is an impressive performance considering the size of the Sawyer Squeeze.


The Sawyer Squeeze is slightly heavier than the Sawyer Mini for the right reasons. The added components to the Sawyer Squeeze kit lets it turn into a gravity filter, an inline filter, or a combination of these. This allows the person to combine the components into whatever the situation needs. This makes the Sawyer Squeeze a perfect choice for any outdoor trips.