Are you looking for a quality subwoofer yet tight on the budget?

Regular car speakers fail to produce that powerful deep rumble of music no matter their claims are; these types of car speakers are small that it can’t produce low-frequencies. Hence, it could not provide the depth and quality of the music you want to experience.

The subwoofers, on the other hand, are the types of speakers that are designed to reproduce low frequencies. It can make a difference in your car speaker’s sounding system. This device can achieve various music dynamics without sound distortion. Thus, you will have to install a subwoofer to have the best listening experience on your car’s audio.

The problem is high-end subwoofer comes with money. If you have already browsed the web, you would notice that subwoofers with the most advanced technology and sound system cost $500 depending on the features. But are you aware that there are high-quality subwoofers at affordable prices?

Yes, you read right. The Sound Certified one of the leading product reviews of car amplifiers and speakers has the list of the very best subwoofers you can buy on a budget. These subwoofers are highly recommended by consumers. Despite the cheap price of these products, you can guarantee a clear and powerful bass you are looking for in a speaker.

Here are the top three names of the best 12 inches subwoofer under $100.

Pioneer Champion

Have you heard of Pioneer Champion?

If you have been browsing for cheap subwoofer options, you probably have encountered this name. The Pioneer Champion is one of the leading speaker manufacturers that offers quality sounding subwoofer series.

The latest model of Pioneer Champion, the series TWS311S4 a 12 inches subwoofer has 4 ohms single voice coils that is one of the best features you can find this device. This model has its own injection-molded polypropylene and heavy mass stamped steel basket that powers up the quality of bass sound. Since Pioneer Champion TWS3114 only measures 12 inches, this speaker won’t take up all of your cargo space. Also, Pioneer Champion has a 10 inches model if you prefer a much smaller size.

Kicker Comp

Are you looking for a subwoofer that is long lasting but affordable?

If this is what you need, the Kicker Comp series 43C124 is the best option for you. This model has quality construction made by high-grade materials. Moreover, the performance of this subwoofer is not something to belittle. It can achieve powerful low frequencies without creating distortions on the sound. The frequency response of this item is 27-50Hz. It is also useful for 3-way setups.

Skar Audio

Aside from the ability to produce good sound, Skar Audio is great in terms of convenience. If you are searching for a subwoofer for small enclosures, this product is your best shot.  It only has a mounting depth of 3.75 inches. It is also available in two sizes; you can choose either a 12 inches Skar Audio subwoofer or a 10 inches one.

So, do any of these three subwoofers fit your preferences?

If you want to learn more about these items, visit the Sound Certified for more details.