Looking for heavy-duty sewing machine these days is challenging. Even though there are several brands of sewing machines you may find in the market, each one of these products has different features making it more confusing which one to pick.

If you are having trouble which sewing machine to choose, you have to consult reliable product review sites. Reading product reviews is a great help in selecting the right heavy duty sewing machine for your projects. You can save more time and effort by consulting these sites rather than browsing the web with no definite guide. However, not all review sites on the web can provide all the details you need. You have to find honest review sites with detailed guidelines and information regarding the latest heavy duty sewing machines in the market.

From one of the most reliable sites on the web, here is a list of the best-seller high-speed heavy duty sewing machines in the market. Learn more about these items and check them out below.

Brother PQ1500S 

If you are searching for the best high-speed sewing machine for large sewing projects in straight stitching or quilting, the Brother PQ1500S is a great option. This product has a speed of 1500spm. Furthermore, it has four feed dog settings designed for complex sewing projects. Additionally, this product features vertical bobbin system – an auto thread cutter and adjustable presser for better sewing control. Hence, Brother PQ1500S is a great investment for businesses in this industry.

Juki TL2000QI

The top two high-speed heavy duty sewing machines to invest this year is Juki TL2000QI. This industrial sewing machine has a single needle lockstitch for straight stitching and quilting projects. More importantly, it has a speed of 1500stitches per minute. Therefore, it can finish twice more projects compared to regular speed sewing machines. Aside from this, Juki also features an automatic thread trimmer, adjustable presser foot, and knee lifter lever.

Janome HD3000

Janome HD3000 is an ideal option for industrial sewing projects. This heavy duty sewing machine is built for high-speed sewing and can handle thick layers of fabric. In fact, it can handle up to seven layers of fabric to make draperies and slipcovers. Moreover, Janome HD3000 has built-in 18 stitches for different sewing projects. This machine is easy to control and user-friendly despite having advanced features.

Singer 4423

The Singer Heavy Duty sewing machine 4423 is one of the most popular choices in the market this year. This high-performing sewing machine can handle all sorts of tough and complex sewing projects. In addition, it features a speed of 1100 stitches per minute and has 23 built-in stitches to choose from. Another wonderful aspect of this product is its stainless steel bedplate. This feature gives you more room for the fabric while working. Also, it promotes even stitching in heavy fabrics.

Searching for a high-speed heavy duty sewing machine is somehow difficult at first. But with the right guide, handpicking a sewing machine is easier and faster.

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