Portable handheld bidets are making a leap in the market. This cleaning device has turned out a success particularly in wellness and hygiene care industry. In fact, you can find several advertisements whether printed, online or on-air promoting the benefits of handheld bidets.

But is it really time to replace toilet paper with bidet sprayer? What makes this device a wonderful alternative to toilet papers?

Here is what you must know about portable bidet sprayer.

Say Goodbye to Bacteria

Compared to toilet papers, bidet spray is twice more hygienic. Using this cleaning device does not require touching or wiping; all you have to do is push the button, let the nozzle spray water and clean yourself. But that is not all; this type of bidet has an anti-bacterial and self-sanitizing technology, which guarantees you a clean after-toilet experience.

Conserve Water

Based on reports, toilet paper production consumes more than 470 billion gallons of water annually. But if you use a bidet sprayer, you can help to conserve water and trees. Thus, this cleaning spray is designed as an eco-friendly tool.

Provides Convenience and Comfort

Another aspect that makes bidet sprayer an excellent support in the toilet is its ability to provide convenience and comfort. There are several brands of bidets which are portable and have ergonomic features. For instance, certain bidets have a long hose and several nozzles wherein each one is utilized for a specific function.

You can learn more about this by reading product reviews of leading bidet sprayer this year. Moreover, don’t miss this portable bidet sprayer review to know more amazing features of this device.

A Practical Device for Individuals with Medical Conditions

Are you suffering from a poor mobility? Do you have an elder family member?

Bidet sprays are designed for all types of individual. However, it is a greater help to people with mobility problems, elders or disabilities. This device is engineered to help a person clean after his/herself without asking another support. Thus, if you or one of your family members is suffering from mobility issues, this solution is the best option out there.

An Affordable Alternative

What makes bidet spray more impressive compared to toilet papers is its affordability. The price of bidet sprays ranges from $23 to $99 being the most expensive. On the other hand, toilet paper cost from $0.99 to $5. Each year, an average person consumes at least 50lbs of toilet paper annually. When you think of it, using toilet paper is more expensive since you have to replace your supply every time it runs out. But if you use a bidet spray, you no longer have to buy another one for a long time. Hence, you can save more when you use this cleaning device rather than constantly purchasing rolls of toilet papers.

Now, are you interested to invest a bidet spray?

If you are, learn first some tips on how to select the best bidet spray in the market. Consult the experts to assist you in your buying decisions.