Lower back pain, which is also called lumbago, is the pain that emanates from the five vertebrae of the pine. These are the largest and strongest vertebrae intended to support the entire backbone. In a case where there is a lower back pain right side, it is most probably related to the abuse of the sacroiliac joint.

The sacroiliac joint is the junction of the sacrum and pelvis. It is a flat bone which has no disc for protection. The poor movement may cause pain in this area. There are also muscles around this area which support the spine and posture and provide strength for moving and lifting. Some of the muscles are called quadrates lumborum which runs from the rib cage base to the top of the pelvis and erector spinae which are located on the two sides of the spine. The tightening and tiring of the lower back may form trigger points which cause pain to radiate away from the joint so that lower back pain right side is felt.

Slip discs which are serious causes of pain are ruled out because the sacroiliac joint has no discs. Any pain that is not centered on the spine is generally not serious. A sprain on this joint may cause severe but still a temporary pain. While all these may be taken lightly, it is important to seek diagnosis and treatment to prevent complicating the condition.

One common cause of the sacroiliac tension is spinal imbalances. The treatment involves managing the pain with drugs like cortisone injections and NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). Physical therapy and rehabilitative medicine make use of approaches to restore functions and life quality with exercise and strengthening. Use of alternative medicine and other natural approaches are becoming common and popular. One concept called spinal balancing claims the relief of lower back pain right side while attending to the root cause of the pain.

Living in pain is not an option; it is a punishment. It is understandable why people suffering from lower back pain right side will try anything to be relieved of pain – chiropractic, osteopathy, physiotherapy, acupuncture – are all welcome if it means relief in some small or big way.

However, if you’re looking for an inexpensive and non-invasive way to get rid of chronic lower back pain, simply changing your mattress can do the trick. Many experts have discovered that memory foam mattresses offer the best ergonomic support to provide people relief from back pain.

Apparently, memory foam mattresses come in a wide range of densities; thus, you can get one that’s soft or semi-firm depending on what your back doctor ordered. You can find quality mattresses for under $1000, but you need to choose the best one, preferably one that offers utmost support for your back. As much as possible, look for a memory foam mattress that keeps your spine in alignment to prevent back pain from intensifying and relieve you of discomfort by providing the needed lumbar support. A memory foam mattress with well-tested coil springs would be a good fit for you since it conforms to the shape of the body while maintaining a firm surface so your body won’t sag while sleeping.


Hence, if you want to relieve yourself of the pain caused by lumbago, invest in a good memory foam mattress and be well on your way to many nights of good sleep.