There is no better way to protect your home and possessions than by installing a security system at home. Knowing you have one will ease your mind of worries especially when you have to leave your home for days at a time. Fortunately, there are many types of home security cameras available these days to keep your home safe.


These cameras come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. Wireless security cameras are available but cost more. Opt for a powerful camera lens to survey areas farther. You can even have it set up with a DVR system. You can check out for the best DVR security system you can add to your package. Having a DVR will allow you to not only record footage of what goes on in and around your home but also lets you monitor your home through your laptop or computer when you’re at work.


Below is a short list of home security cameras to help you choose the right device for surveillance:


Dome Camera


Dome cameras are appropriately installed in places that call for the high amount of security and surveillance like in a museum or supermarket. They can also be placed outside the house to monitor any suspicious movements. The camera, as their name implies, is dome in shape and easily fit on ceilings. They need to be installed in a specific manner. This type is quite popular since it is impossible to detect the angle that they are placed at, except at a close range. The lenses can be adjusted and available in tinted black or silver.


Board cameras


This type is perhaps the most used of all home security cameras. This is commonly used in ATMs, smoke detectors to name a few. Board cameras used a fixed lens mounted on a board or boxed in a small case. This can be bought separately so that the homeowner can make up their mind on how and where exactly to mount the camera. The pinhole lens of the camera is perfect for covert surveillance.


Bullet camera


This camera is sold with a bullet-like casing, quite small in size with an integrated design. This is a very long lens, shaped like a stick. Other bullet-cameras are equipped with infra-red LED feature. Dark places are illuminated up to 10-50 feet to enhance viewing and monitoring. The camera is weather-proof. Since the lens is sealed inside its bullet-shaped housing, the lens cannot be replaced using any other kind of lenses.


Security recorders and monitors


Security recorders permit the video to be directly viewed on a home TV screen but not sharp and clear because of low resolution and quality. They are simply designed for the purpose of showing the recorded video.


CCTV (Close Circuit Television Systems) cameras


The use of this elaborate system is widely trending nowadays in homes and very useful in security in homes and properties. However, there are complaints among neighbors about snooping in their privacy. At present, there is no rule that governs the use of private CCTV cameras. It is advised that private users who have neighbors properly use this type or if this is appropriate and proportionate with regards to location.


Before you consider buying one of the home security cameras, study the various features and advantages of the preferred device and check the manufacturer on its website.