Lenses are usually differentiated from each other based on their specific function or focal range. When you are buying a new lens for your camera, you should consider a lot of factors. You should think of what you want to take pictures of, what lens is compatible with your camera, the aperture and the type of lens you need. Different lenses can be used in different photography. For example, landscape photography usually requires one to use ultra-wide angle lens to capture the whole shot in one frame. Here are more detailed description of the different types of lenses and where they can be used best.


Prime Lens


This type of lens has a single focal length and can’t be adjusted. You can’t zoom in or out with a prime lens. However, because it is more compact and lighter, it is the best lens to carry around when taking photos while traveling. It allows you to take your time on a certain subject without worrying about the weight of the camera. Also, they can take higher-quality images and they can be used at night or in low light conditions because they have faster apertures.



A superzoom lens has the feature of zooming in or out on the subject. Many people call this a do-it-all lens as it can cover any focal length. Though this lens does not produce the best quality of pictures compared to the prime lens and it has slower apertures, this lens is the perfect one to use in situations where you can’t change lenses because of safety or comfort. You can use it when you travel and do not want to carry a handful of lenses with you.


Ultra Wide


This lens has a focal length of 24mm. It can get a vast subject in a single frame. Close subjects come out even closer and far subjects become more distant. This type of lens is usually used by photographers who take images of landscapes. It can also be used in architecture photography as it gives details to straight lines.




Its focal length can be between 24 and 35 mm and can have varying or fixed aperture. Though it can take images of wide fields, it can also focus well on close proximities. It can enhance distances of the main subject and its background. Just like Ultra Wide angle lens, the wide lens is used for taking photos of landscapes, buildings and a crowd of people. The only difference is that it can also be used for taking interesting portraits.




It usually comes with the camera when you buy it. It takes pictures without distorting much of the images and provides the same peripheral vision as that of the human eye. This is usually used for street photography and for beginners who are not savvy about the different kinds of lenses yet.




This lens has a focal length of 70 mm or even higher and it focuses on specific details or subjects from a distance. It makes far objects appear closer. This lens is popular to wildlife photographers as they do not want to get too close to their subjects. Sports and some portraits also use this lens.




This lens is capable of enhancing tiny subjects and magnifying each detail. They have the excellent sharpness that is perfect for close-up images. You may want to check out a Nikon lens buying guide to know more about the different Nikon products and their specs.