Planning to give hair clippers to your hairstylist friend? Do you want to buy it instead for home use, but you do not know anything about hair clippers and what are the things to consider when buying one? Well, worry no more because this article had collected top tips when buying the perfect hair clippers.


Tip #1: The clipper motor


Always remember that the clipper motor comes with several different sizes and styles; thus, the clipper motor may differ according to its physical features. So to speak, when choosing the right tool, you must first ask yourself if the hair clipper shall be used regularly or occasionally. If the hair clipper will be used regularly, then it is only wise to buy one of those durable and expensive magnetic motors.


Tip #2: Choosing the right hair clipper according to its attachment


There are several different hairstyles done around the world every day. If you are giving hair clippers to a hair stylist, then it is only wise to purchase hair clippers that have a variety of attachments which can cut different hair lengths and hair thickness. Additionally, you need to choose between corded hair clippers and cordless hair clippers. Cordless hair clippers are often used for a small group of people, while electric and corded clippers are used for a large group of people.

Tip #3: Checking the clipper blades


In choosing the right hair clippers, the clipper blades are one of the most important parts to consider. Make sure to buy a clipper hair with a high-quality blade. Additionally, hair clipper blades are made up of different style of steel such as carbon steel, stainless steel, and even titanium; choosing either one does not matter as long as it is a high-quality material and not from a dull made blade.


Tip #4: The sizes of the blades


Clipper blades have different sizes for a different purpose; for instance, if you buy hair clippers with smaller blade size, your intention is to have a closer and smoother clip. However, if you are buying hair clipper for home use and if you are new to using the tool, then it is only appropriate to buy hair clippers that have larger blade clips.


Tip #5: Buying hair clippers with extra accessories


One of the smartest things to do is buying hair clippers that come with extra accessories. Think about it, some accessories are more costly when bought separately than buying the product that comes with a box of accessories – a cost-efficient decision.


Tip #6: Is it easy to handle and use?


Practically, for home use hair clippers, it must be easy to handle. If you buy a product that is strictly for professional use, expect a bad hairstyle result. Choosing the right equipment can be challenging and tricky; however, if you would use the above-given tips, you will never go wrong when choosing the right hair clipper. Additionally, to review different buying guidelines, you can always visit this website So, what are you waiting for? Buy one now.