Quilting is a hobby that will bring out your artistic side, teach you patience, and improve your attention to detail. Most of you might think that this is just for the ladies, but that is all wrong since anyone can actually learn how to quilt and would enjoy doing it. In fact, it is a great activity that will keep you productive during your spare time.


The only problem that you might face once you start quilting is that you would have multiple tools ranging from small to large items. Of course, the number will increase the more you become skilled. Nonetheless, whether you are a beginner or expert quilter, you must make sure that all your items are organized in one place so that you can prevent losing or misplacing them.

With that said, we have just the right items that you can consider buying for your quilting tools and accessories. To make things easier for you, we will discuss each option briefly.

Travel Case

As similar to your makeup organizers that you use when you travel, a quilting travel case will come in handy, especially if you are always out and about. However, you can also consider them even if you do not travel a lot but love to quilt in different places besides your home.

According to this guide on quilting kits for beginners, when it comes to quilting travel cases, it is always best to consider those that have both shoulder straps and handles. In that way, you have different options on how you would carry them.

Under-Bed Storage Case

Yes, you heard it right! There are also under-bed organizers that are specially designed for your quilting accessories and tools. Basically, you have to choose one that is made of sturdy materials and has quality stitching since, obviously, you will be pulling it in and out of the under-bed, which exposes it to friction.

Under-bed quilting storage is ideal for individuals who do not have enough space in their cabinets and homes. In short, it is a space-saving option.

Basket-Type Storage Bags

As the name implies, this bag for storing quilting supplies has a design that is similar to a basket, which means that it is wide open so that you can easily fit anything. Since it is a bag, it is made of fabric, and not the typical materials used for making baskets.

Ideally, you must look for those that are collapsible so that you can store them easily, just in case you no longer need them. You might think, “Of course, it’s a bag, so it’s collapsible!” Again, it’s not a typical bag. Usually, they have an aluminum frame on top that allows them to stand independently without hindering you from collapsing them when you need to.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of options when it comes to quilting accessory organizers and choosing which one works best for you will depend on the amount of space you have at home as well as your quilting habits. Nevertheless, always make sure that you choose one that is not too bulky but will keep all your items neatly and separately in just one place.