A lot of your fitness goals can be achieved in your home gym as well. You don’t necessarily need to subscribe to the membership of a great flashy gym to workout there to get in the best of your health. If you think that this is the only way to achieve good health and fitness then you probably are largely wronged. With a few pieces of equipment for free weight training like the dumbbell, barbell kettlebells you can achieve a lot in your journey towards a fit and toned body. In addition to the weight loss, free weight exercises involving these simple tools can bring many other benefits such as developing stable joints, rapid weight loss, enhancement of strength and endurance and improved bone density as well. For more on those benefits, you can read about them here. For commoners, the resistance machine training and free weight training offers almost similar general benefits, but there is some significant difference between working out with both.

Let us go through the benefits of undergoing the free weight training as experienced and narrated by the in the field of physical fitness.

It’s portable: To workout with the resistance training machine, you need to be in a gym where the machine is installed or set up one at your home gym. But you can carry them with yourself wherever you go. But the dumbbells can be transported easily and you can train with them wherever you are.

Best fit: The gym machines have several stages of adjustment to make it fit for the bodies of several types of users. But in spite of several stages of adjustment, those machines cannot be a fit for everybody. For many users either it is too long or too short, for some it is too heavy or too light. And to add to the troubles you already have, you have to keep on adjusting the machine for different sets and positions for yourself too. In this context, the dumbbell or for that matter the free weight exercise tools offer greater mobility and fit for your body that you can actually work on several planes and several dimensions.

Early stability: It’s stability of the muscles that come fast with free weight training. Unlike the machines that allow moving in a set range of motion, free weight demands your body to control all aspects of the movements and stabilize the loads continually. Thus extra muscles are required to stabilize the joints and which in turn makes the effort fruitful.

Affordable: If you are running tight on the budget front, then buying a few sets of the dumbbell for your home gym for a start is not very tough.

Although the free weight training is advantageous in many ways, the safety of the training with the machines lack here. If the dumbbells etc. are ever allowed to fall on your body then the damage occurred is too much. Also for beginners and persons with unstable joints, the free weight training may be a bit of concern.