Bed bugs are small pests that hide in hard-to-reach places, often under mattresses or in the folds of clothes, behind wallpaper, and anywhere that is generally humid and dark. They have been known pests to humanity since the ancient times, and even today people find it difficult to rid their homes of bed bugs once the infestation has started.

So how can you kill bed bugs once they’ve been detected? One of the ways to kill bed bugs has always been the use of pesticides sprayed copiously in places where they are known to hide, but recent studies into the efficiency and safety of pesticides have come up with some startling facts.

However, while pesticides are one of the greatest ways to kill bed bugs, they are now also considered to be the most dangerous, as many pesticides contain toxins which are harmful to both human and animal life! Further studies have shown than many bed bug species develop a resistance to pesticides overtime, making extermination more difficult. So how can you kill bed bugs without the use of pesticides?

Several schools of thought have reverted to the use of natural ways to kill bed bugs primarily for safety reasons, but also for reasons related to economy and the wish to preserve the environment. How can you kill bed bugs without chemicals, then? One of the most commonly implemented extermination methods is the use of steam. Dry steam, often reaching temperatures as high as 120 degrees-Fahrenheit effectively kills bed bugs in all stages of its life cycle in as little as seven to ten minutes! This method is best done by professionals, so don’t try this at home unless you have the gadgetry to help you with it

There are also natural pesticides which great and affordable ways to kill bed bugs. Silica, diatomaceous earth, and tobacco are well known natural pesticides that have been used since ancient times to kill unwanted pests. How can you kill bed bugs with herbs? A simple application on the areas where they are known to thrive will effectively kill them, although repeated applications have to be done to ensure that the pests are completely eradicated.

How else can you kill bed bugs in the absence of herbs or steam? Well, there are many household chemicals of the not-so-toxic type that do wonders when used for beg bug extermination. Apple cider vinegar, bleach, and alcohol when applied directly can kill bed bug nymphs and adults on contact, but they usually spare the eggs, which calls for repeated applications to ensure thorough extermination. These products are also great laundry-aides if you find your clothes littered with bed bugs.

You can further amplify these natural methods of getting rid of bed bugs by using a bug zapper. Some people attest to the effectiveness of such in killing all types of insects, including bed bugs. You may want to check out for reviews of different bug zappers available in the market today so you can single out one that may be used to kill bed bugs.

Now that you know how to kill bed bugs without the use of chemicals, why waste money and risk your life purchasing pesticides. Go natural all the way!