A tube amp will always work as required if it is well taken care of. However, if you begin noticing problems like annoying background noise, a poor tone in the sounds and any other, then there might be something seriously wrong with your tube amplifier.

This is the practices that will surely extend the life of your tube amplifier and which will ensure that they are in perfect condition always.

Keep away any form of liquid from your tube amplifier, this is quite obvious. Liquids are harmful to electrical devices and your tube amplifier is no exception. All it takes is a little spill and you will have to bid goodbye to your tube amplifier. A spill may cause the electric part to experience short-circuiting and also it may be harmful to you as an owner.

The safety in the power supply should also be safe to avoid power surge from damaging the tube amplifier. In this case, you should go for a three-pronged power supply that has been proven to be safe for electric appliances.

You also have to watch out the way you turn your tube amplifier on and off. You will have to give it adequate warming up time when in between usage. This is made possible by a standby switch apart from the common on and off power button. This part is quite important if you want to extend the lifetime of your tube amplifier; you might have to do extra research and get to know what to do to be on the safe side. You can check out this image on how a safety enhanced tube amplifier looks like.

Ensure that you check the connection cables and cords regularly, to check for little damages. If they produce funny sounds this may mean that something is wrong and it may get worse with time. This sounds which are mainly crackles or pops are signs of shorts and cause your tube amplifier to be done with completely.

Avoid hard knocks and hits on the tube amplifier as this will cause physical damage to the tube amplifier. This may cause the parts not to function properly and hence your tube amplifier will not perform as quality as it did before. Therefore, you should take extra care when carrying your tube amplifier from one place to another.

Regularly blow your tube amplifier to get rid of dust, cobwebs building up and other small particles. When these build upon the machine part of the tube amplifier, they inhibit it from offering quality sound as before. For instance, dust keeps in heat which will cause the parts of the tube amplifier to get worn out fast.

Proper storage is important to ensure that your tube amplifier is well maintained. Avoid dump environments and places that may expose your tube amplifier to leaks that may destroy the components. Uncontrolled temperature is also harmful to your tube amplifier.

A well-maintained tube amplifier should be able to last for quite a long time. Proper maintenance will extend the lifetime of your tube amplifier while it will also ensure that it works in a quality guaranteed manner.