Ironing clothes is a tough job. Removing those stubborn wrinkles on your clothes can consume so much time and effort especially without the use of appropriate household equipment. If you experience a similar problem in your home, search for the best solution in eradicating the creases and folds on your clothes. Choose the leading brands of steam irons in India.

Choosing your own steam iron can be a bit difficult given that there are several brands of this tool on the market. You have to consider first your options before purchasing one. Also, you have to compare steam irons available in India to check out which brand perfectly fits for your ironing task. And if not, you might regret your decision later on.

As a guide for first-time buyers of steam irons, here is a short review of the latest top seller team iron brands in India.

Maharaja 1300-Watt Steam Iron

Maharaja is one of the leading brand names in terms of efficient household equipment. Their current product line, the Maharaja Whiteline Aquao Plus Steam iron in 1300 watts is certainly an excellent choice. This product is manufactured from high-grade materials that can accommodate high-level temperature. In addition, Maharaja has a non-stick soleplate which evenly distributes heat on the surface and becomes hot fast.

Another aspect of this product that surprises the customers is its continuous steam output and available steam settings. This steam iron can perform prolonged hours of ironing job without trouble with this feature. You can also select the right temperature and steam settings appropriate for certain types of fabric.

Philips EasySpeed 1440-Watt Steam Iron

If you are searching for a more powerful and affordable steam iron compared to Maharaja, next brand to include on your list is Philips EasySpeed (GC1903) steam iron. This product is designed to remove wrinkles, creases, and folds on different types of fabric in a flash. As a proof, Philips EasySpeed has 1440watt and utilizes 240 operating voltage which is higher in comparison to other steam iron brands.

This product is a huge help especially in continuous ironing since Philips features a continuous steam output of 13g/min. The tank of this ironing tool is super-fast to empty and refill that it won’t affect your task.

Morphy Richards 2000-Watt Steam Iron

From 1300 to 1440 watt, here is another powerful and efficient steam iron brand that must check out. The Morphy Richards Super Glide is indeed a marvel tool for performing ironing jobs. This steam iron uses 2000 watts of power that will definitely make your ironing tasks two times faster and easier.

This steam iron is best for removing stubborn wrinkles in one glide. Morphy Richards has a variable steam control that allows you to select the appropriate heat and steam on your clothes. Likewise, this tool is proved to be outstanding in completing ironing tasks with its continuous steam feature and powerful steam shots that reach up to 150gm/minute. This steam iron has also a self-cleaning with anti-calc function feature.

Do you need more guidance in choosing the best steam irons in India? Check out Smooth Wares to see more updates regarding this household tool.