Best Buy 12″ Subwoofer Brands under $100

Are you looking for a quality subwoofer yet tight on the budget?

Regular car speakers fail to produce that powerful deep rumble of music no matter their claims are; these types of car speakers are small that it can’t produce low-frequencies. Hence, it could not provide the depth and quality of the music you want to experience.

The subwoofers, on the other hand, are the types of speakers that are designed to reproduce low frequencies. It can make a difference in your car speaker’s sounding system. This device can achieve various music dynamics without sound distortion. Thus, you will have to install a subwoofer to have the best listening experience on your car’s audio.

The problem is high-end subwoofer comes with money. If you have already browsed the web, you would notice that subwoofers with the most advanced technology and sound system cost $500 depending on the features. But are you aware that there are high-quality subwoofers at affordable prices?

Yes, you read right. The Sound Certified one of the leading product reviews of car amplifiers and speakers has the list of the very best subwoofers you can buy on a budget. These subwoofers are highly recommended by consumers. Despite the cheap price of these products, you can guarantee a clear and powerful bass you are looking for in a speaker.

Here are the top three names of the best 12 inches subwoofer under $100.

Pioneer Champion

Have you heard of Pioneer Champion?

If you have been browsing for cheap subwoofer options, you probably have encountered this name. The Pioneer Champion is one of the leading speaker manufacturers that offers quality sounding subwoofer series.

The latest model of Pioneer Champion, the series TWS311S4 a 12 inches subwoofer has 4 ohms single voice coils that is one of the best features you can find this device. This model has its own injection-molded polypropylene and heavy mass stamped steel basket that powers up the quality of bass sound. Since Pioneer Champion TWS3114 only measures 12 inches, this speaker won’t take up all of your cargo space. Also, Pioneer Champion has a 10 inches model if you prefer a much smaller size.

Kicker Comp

Are you looking for a subwoofer that is long lasting but affordable?

If this is what you need, the Kicker Comp series 43C124 is the best option for you. This model has quality construction made by high-grade materials. Moreover, the performance of this subwoofer is not something to belittle. It can achieve powerful low frequencies without creating distortions on the sound. The frequency response of this item is 27-50Hz. It is also useful for 3-way setups.

Skar Audio

Aside from the ability to produce good sound, Skar Audio is great in terms of convenience. If you are searching for a subwoofer for small enclosures, this product is your best shot.  It only has a mounting depth of 3.75 inches. It is also available in two sizes; you can choose either a 12 inches Skar Audio subwoofer or a 10 inches one.

So, do any of these three subwoofers fit your preferences?

If you want to learn more about these items, visit the Sound Certified for more details.

How to Determine a ‘Sound Quality’ Piano Keyboard

For most professional pianist and hobbyist, a piano’s tone is one of the most significant aspects of the instrument. The sound quality of a piano keyboard has a huge impact on the pianist’s performance. For example, the keys that don’t sound the way they should make, the music is off-tune. On the other hand, an excellent sounding piano helps a pianist to deliver the best performance. It can create a beautiful music that can touch the heart of audiences.

When buying a piano keyboard for either beginner or professional use, always take note of the sound quality of the product. Do not rely on appealing advertising captions. What you need to do is spend some time on this site and read the reliable product reviews of the leading piano keyboard brands in the market.

How can you determine that a piano keyboard has quality sound? Here’s how.

Check out the Spec List

Do not settle in viewing the photograph of a piano keyboard or reading bullets of its features. Make sure to read the specifications of the keyboard brand by checking the product description. Neglecting to read the keyboard’s spec lists is never a good decision. You might find out later that the keyboard doesn’t have the exact same feature it offers or has the term optional at the end of the description.

Touch-Sensitive Keys

If you have already browsed keyboard brands online, you probably stumbled on the term touch-sensitive keys and weighted keys. For beginners, a touch key sensitive (also called as velocity) is a required feature. This characteristic allows the key to producing clear and loud sound without pressing it hard. It is extremely useful for a beginner who is still familiarizing the differences on each note.

Weighted Keys

Most professional pianist prefers weight keys. The keys of a real acoustic piano are attached to a lever that causes the felt-covered hammer to strike the piano strings. It is the reason why traditional piano keys are weighted. If you want a piano keyboard with a similar feel to an acoustic piano, look for weighted action features. Such a keyboard does not only feel the same to a traditional piano but also sounds like an actual one.


The term polyphony refers to how many notes pressed together sound at once. A piano keyboard with low polyphony numbers could not produce sound on some chords. For example, if you could press four C’s but only hears two of them. It entails that the two remaining notes don’t sound because the keyboard doesn’t have enough circuit to give each note a sound of its own. The ideal polyphony for a beginner is 64-note polyphony with 128 maximum tones at once. However, a piano keyboard with this feature is more expensive.


A voice pertains to the kind of sound a keyboard can produce, for instance, a piano, guitar, flute, violin, and so on. A more expensive piano keyboard offers better and more voices. The voice is very clear and imitates the actual sound of the instrument.

Choosing a piano keyboard can be overwhelming for first-time buyers. Thus, if you need more help and assistance, check out the buying guidelines here at Piano Keyboard Reviews.

Tips on How to Find the Best Blender for Smoothies

Smoothies and shakes made from fruits and vegetable blend is an effective way to detoxify yourself. Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants that slow down the process of aging resulting in wellness and a longer life. But of course, you will need the right kitchen equipment to supply your healthy diet. And the best kitchen tools for making delicious and nutritious smoothies are blenders.

As you probably know, searching the best blenders for smoothies is confusing given with the numerous brands of this item. Consulting online sources like the Prime Shop Kitchen might help you to determine the right blender for your needs. But if you need more help, follow these tips for choosing the best blenders for smoothies.

Pitcher Style and Size

The first thing you need to check on a blender is the pitcher style and size. Blenders come in a variety of mixing tank size. Some brand has smaller sizes which are ideal for one to two servings of smoothies. On the other hand, there are specific brands with larger volumes that can prepare up to four servings of smoothies. Between a small and a large size blender, it is best to choose one with a larger volume. With this, you can create more servings of smoothies, shakes or salsa at once.

Also, there are pitcher deigns that offers convenience. An example of it is the Doctor Hetzner Personal Blender. This blender features an on the go pitcher so you can bring your nutritious drink anywhere you go.

Pre-programmed Settings

The latest models of blenders today features smart technology and pre-programmed settings. This feature allows you to control and choose the right settings to form creating smoothies, shakes, salsa and other of your favorites. All you need to do is push the button of your chosen preset program.

Power Rating

The horsepower and wattage of a blender’s motor have a huge impact on its performance. It tells you what type of ingredients the blender can handle and how it can blend. The minimum power of a blender for making smoothies is 500 watts. On the other hand, higher wattage power is ideal for blending tough foods like nuts, ice cubes, vegetables, and hard fruits. Do not choose a blender with below than the recommended minimum power rating. Such blender won’t handle the pressure of crushing fruits.


Blenders come in varying colors and styles. Some look very much attractive that while others have a discreet appearance. Likewise, there are traditional blenders that take up much of your countertop space. Thus, you might want to consider a blender that suits your countertop well enough.

Another important feature that you should consider when buying a blender is the visibility of the control settings. Blenders have pulse button or knobs to make it work. Other blenders have more buttons which allow you to control the speed and program of the equipment. When you buy a blender, make sure that these programs are easy to understand and control. Also, see to it that the labels for each button are readable. It is a hassle for elders to use a blender with complicated settings. Thus, better choose a user-friendly blender for your kitchen.

Ideas and Tips You Should Know about Hidden Gun Storage

The hidden gun safes have become an increasingly popular choice of safe for most gun owners. It enables you to hide your gun from your kids and thieves. The most interesting thing about this safe is that it is possible to make your own custom hidden gun safe. This will enable you to save the cost of purchasing one.  Here are some few steps that

Ensure that you have the right dimensions of your gun. This will enable you to determine the height, width, and depth of the gun case. The safe should be made in a way that it is safe and comfortable and with some extra height. The size of the gun case will vary depending on the size and amount of weapons to be stored in the cabinet. You can read more about it here.

Ensure that you select an appropriate material for construction of the safe. The most commonly used material is steel or wood. You can decide on whether to create shelves inside it or not. Make sure that the design of the shelves is reliable as well as durable.

Ensure that you select the most appropriate welding technique. You should wear protective gear when welding the parts of the gun safe. It is important to look for a locking mechanism that is very secure. Paint it the lock and the gun safe according to your own personal preferences.

Now that you have made the gun safe, it is now time to determine the best location for it. You should able to easily access it at any time while other people or even thieves cannot. Many people prefer to put the gun safe behind some other objects in the house or even disguised to mimic certain objects within the house.

Constructing a box inside your closet and storing your gun safe inside it would be a good idea. You can also store your weapon inside your favorite couch, a tall concealment clock, bookcase that you have marked or even behind fake electrical outlets.

The most frequent choice of mimicry is a bookcase. It recommended that you go for a book case that has been constructed correctly. You should consider the following measure if you want to prevent your gun safe from being noticed.

The book case should also be able to fit in your interior, all the books including the one with your gun should be of equal length. You can connect the books that you have selected with glue. It is safe to put the bookcase on top of the shelf.

There are a number of reasons you need to keep your weapons away from the public using the hidden safes or any other safes you have selected. Using a safe will keep your gun and all other dangerous things away from your kids and thieves.

From this article, you will certainly realize that making your own hidden safe can be just as easy as buying one. A safe will make you feel comfortable and well secured in your house.

The Pros and Cons of Induction Cooktops

If you plan to renovate your kitchen and are ready to invest in new appliances, we think that it will be worth taking a closer look at induction cooktops. They are not very popular in the USA just yet but you’ll find them in numerous European homes and restaurants and for a good reason. It is true that there are pros and cons to the use of induction cooktops but we believe that the pros outnumber the cons. Anyways, it is best for you to get a clear picture of what to expect from an induction cooktop, so here is what you should know.


  • Quick, almost instant heat. The heat goes directly into the pan, which reduces the cooking time by 25 to 50%.
  • Efficiency- the heat goes directly into the cookware, not to the whole surface. This makes induction cooktops up to 70% more efficient than cooktops based on gas or electricity.
  • Safety- this is an important advantage to consider, especially if you have kids. Since the heat goes mostly into the pan, the risk of burns by touching the cooktop is much reduced. In addition to this, there is no flame that can start a fire and once the cooktop is turned off, the pan and the surface almost immediately cool down, so here’s another reduced risk of burns.


  • Price- we have to admit it: induction cooktops are quite pricey. They cost more than traditional gas or electric cooktops because of the technology they use but we believe that it is worth it!
  • Cookware is a small issue, as you’ll need pans and pots that are especially designed for induction cooktops. The induction cookware has a special magnet that sticks to the base of the cooktop, so again, this cookware is more expensive than regular cookware.

This is the information around pros and cons that we think it is important for you to keep in mind. As you can see, besides the increased budget, there is no other reason why you shouldn’t turn your attention to induction cooktops. If you have the budget, then we think that there is no better choice that you can make. This is why we recommend you not to waste time anymore and check out some decent reviews of two burner induction cooktops now available on the market. Websites such as Induction Pros represent the perfect place to find detailed reviews for cooktops, so check it out and see what it can offer. It is thanks to the experts at Induction Pros that you will find out a bit more about the best products now on the market and their features, so visit their website and read all the info they put at your disposal. Also follow their guidance if you feel a bit confused and overwhelmed by the choice as we know that they have the knowledge and the experience necessary to help you make the right investment. Just trust these guys as they truly know what they are doing.

The Need for Safe Gun Storage at Home

Owning a gun is a good thing especially if you have it for your own self-defense or so as to secure your own family. However, with great power comes great responsibility. Keeping your gun wrongly at your home could have a lot of hazardous effects. This article will inform you about the reasons for keeping your gun safely at your home.

Safety for children

The top priority for any gun holder has to be safety. If you have been blessed with children, or children visit your home regularly, it is your role to ensure that they do not get hold of your gun. A gun in the arms of a child can be compared to a time bomb waiting to blast off.

Ensure that you keep your gun away from your kids. This can be done by acquiring your own gun safe, gun case or gun cabinet that will lock up your gun securely and safely. You can check them out here. Always bear in mind that guns can take life away and most children do not know the difference between a loaded gun and a toy.

Protection from theft

Whenever an intruder or a thief enters your home, high chances are they will look for the most valuable items in your home. Guns are definitely on top of the list for the most valuable things in your home. If you have them kept in a normal drawer or just laying around, then you are advertising it to thieves.

You will not have to worry about anything apart from the usual things in your home that can be stolen if you have them locked away out of sight in a safe or gun cabinet. Possibilities are that they may not even be able to locate the position of the safe or if they do, they won’t be able to crack the security code in it.

Protection from fire

Fire is a disaster. It can engulf the whole of your house, burn down everything you own including your gun. However, if you had stored your gun in a gun safe, then it will be the only tower in the surrounding ashes. Most of the gun safes available in the market offer a considerable degree of fire resistance.

Gun safes have specific fire ratings. If your fire rating is more than 30 minutes, then you would not have to worry about the fire burning down your gun. You can even store important documents along with your gun in the safe.

Easier to locate

It is common for a gun owner to have a lot of accessories including cleaning supplies, ammo, holsters, and clips among others. Putting all these together will minimize any chance of them getting lost. A gun safe is probably the right option. In cases of emergency where you need a gun for self-defense against intruders, you will be able to find your gun easily. Guns are valuable assets to any owner. Leaving your gun to hang anywhere in the rooms of your house can reduce their lifespan as you will be exposing your gun to moisture and dust

Why You Should Invest in a Night Vision Security System

You cannot argue the fact that we live in a world in which crime is on the rise, a world in which you hear about home invasions, robberies and all sorts of break ins on a daily basis. It is no wonder that people don’t feel secure anymore, neither at home nor at the office. These are the circumstances in which the security system industry has gained increased attention, especially in the last few years. If you are actually interested in shopping for a security surveillance system in the near future, we can help you with some useful tips and tricks. For example, we think that it is a great idea to invest in a night vision security system. Why should you do this? You will simply increase the security around both your home and your business, you’ll feel more secure and protected, thus more comfortable and in case something violent happens, the security system will help the police easier identify the people involved.

As long as you opt for the right night vision security system, you’ll feel safer and more protected, both at home and at the office. If you are ready to invest in such a system but feel a bit overwhelmed with the wide selection available on the market, we can help you make a good choice. You will just have to take a few variables into consideration in order to be 100% sure that what you buy is also what you need, so check out the list below.

1. Decide where the system is to be installed and choose accordingly; you can opt either for an indoor or for an outdoor system.

2. Once you have decided whether you want an indoor or an outdoor system, it is time to make a new choice: wired or wireless. If you need the system to be mobile, then opt for something wireless.

3. If you already have a security system, you can save some money and add night vision cameras to it. You will basically upgrade it and have a night vision security system on a budget, so you’ll be in a win-win situation.

4. One of the last choices to make refers to what the cameras record to; they can record to your computer, record to a DVR or viewed using a smart phone.

Now that you have a more clear idea in mind about what to pay attention to when shopping for a night vision security system, we strongly advise you to check out the official What Camcorders website. They have a list of excellent night vision camcorders, products that truly deserve your attention, so check them out. The camcorders stated as top picks by the professionals at What Camcorders truly are products with amazing features, products that do have pros and cons but that will help you basically make the most out of your money so this is why we recommended you to check them out. I know that you will be absolutely thrilled with the final choice.

Things to Look Out for When Shopping for Championship Rings

As a Super Bowl fan, you might have decided to get yourself a championship ring. This is a good idea as you will be showing your real mettle as a super fan. For example, these Chicago Bulls championship rings that are quite popular among their fans. However, the whole idea of buying one can be rather tricky or confusing. This guide tells of the factors to consider when you go to buy one for yourself.

The first thing you should check for if the quality and standard of the championship ring. This can be checked when you physically have the championship ring on your hand in order for you to examine it. You can check all the parts; so even if it is a replica it has to be well made. Precision should be the case with a good type of championship ring,

Next check on the logos, inscriptions and any other parts of the championship rings. If you know how a genuine championship ring looks like, then you are lucky. This will help you examine whatever you are bargaining to buy. A fake one might not have all the inscriptions or it might only have a few of them.

Of course, there is the factor of the price that always has to be considered. This is because there are many people out there who make a living out of swindling people by selling them championship rings at the wrong prices. You should always inquire about the value of a particular ring before buying it to avoid paying too much. Similarly, you should avoid too good to be true deals, since you might pay less and end up with a counterfeit championship ring.

Another thing that you can exploit as a resource of getting a genuine replica of a championship ring for yourself is reviews. Reviews give what other people think about the quality of a championship ring, so if they say that it is not genuine, then it surely isn’t. reviews also advice on quality championship rings that you can get and they also go the extra mile of informing you of the price of each championship ring.

Most of these championship rings are traded online, so you will have to extra cautious not to be driven into buying one that you will come to regret. So when you have to buy one through an online forum, do not be quick to press the buy button as what might be delivered to you might be something that you will be ashamed to own. There are quite a number of factors as indicated, they should help you get a quality type of a championship ring. These factors can be quite helpful.

Championship rings are the symbols of success years and years to come in the life of a team. Fans find them precious and that is why they might go out of their way to get one. In most cases, these championship rings are sold at prices that are exaggerated or even they are not the real ones. This article shows how to go about shopping for one

Tips For An Efficient Workout

The world we live in is a world that forces us to always be on the run, trying to cope with hectic schedules, strict deadlines at work, dozens of chores to do at home and millions of errands to run in a day. It is no wonder that instead of the classic, home cooked meal, we order takeaways and drink two or even three coffees in a day trying to resist the schedule. We fall in a disastrous chain that eventually leads to health problems if we don’t take action. The good news is that people are beginning to take action as they now understand the risks they put themselves at by continuing such an unhealthy lifestyle. More and more people are ready to eat healthier food and struggling to introduce a workout routine in their weekly schedule. If you are one of them but still a beginner and you still don’t know much about workout routines, we can help you benefit from the ones that you’re now following to the fullest. It doesn’t really matter that you can’t find time to work out on a daily basis; what matters is for you to learn how to benefit from each and every single workout routine to the fullest and one way to do that is by using pre-workout supplements.

I know that the idea of using supplements of any type is a bit worrying for a lot of people but you should definitely consider this option. There are natural pre-workout supplements that can help you get your strength increased and that will also help you enjoy boosted performance so these are the products that we recommend. For example, the professionals at The Workout Hut strongly recommend you to look more closely at products such as Onnit’s Shroom Tech Sport. Shroom Tech Sport is one of the best pre-workout supplements now on the market, one that contains just natural ingredients such as rhodiola, ashwagandha and green tea extract. The role of this supplement is to boost your energy so you can enjoy a better sustained and longer training routine and it will also significantly improve your ability to focus; your reaction time will also be much improved. By using a product such as Shroom Tech Sport, you will basically become more resistant to fatigue and you will get the ability to faster recover after every training session. All these are possible thanks to the fact that this supplement increases the oxygen flow throughout the body by at least 50%. How great is that?

Adding pre-workout supplements to your diet is not something dangerous as long as you use a product that is 100% natural and as long as you follow a professional’s recommendations. The experts at The Workout Hut have years of experience in the field and the reviews that you’ll find on their site are all highly detailed and accurate, since they tested these products prior to publishing the reviews. Trust these guys, as they only want to help you make good, healthy choices in life.

Tips For Settling In Your New Home

Settling into your new home can take years and years when you don’t have the right tips up your sleeve. The new experience, the new environment, the new neighbors and above all, the new house can be quite a challenge to adapt and feel at home once more. That should not be a hustle any more, here are some tips that helped me settle in in only a week, in the past when I moved from the east Coast to Syracuse, I never settled in until but now I feel so much at home here in Pennsylvania, I have adopted my home and my children too.  These are the 5 tips that helped:

1. Clean your house

Many houses look  clean when moving in but you may find some hidden dirt in the corners and high places, plus you can only trust your cleaning so clean as much as you can. You will feel safer when yu clean your new house, and you will also feel your children are in a clean environment so they can play around without you worrying. Moving itself is tiring so thinking of dusting and mopping can sound as a bad idea. You don’t need to break your back when cleaning, use machines that will clean more effectively and faster and with less effort. You can consider the Ironton gas cold water pressure washer for effective cleaning.

2. Unpack the big stuff first

This too is not fun, but my hubby and I decided to try it out, and it worked! We really wanted our new home to have a ‘home’ feeling so we got rid of the big boxes and we arranged the big stuff ad furniture in place.  Our front room was well set up within the first three days so we had a place to relax and feel at home. We had the beds squared out in the first couple of days too. Aside from the feel at home feeing that this brings, unpacking the big stuff first means you still have the energy, small stuff can be so tiresome.

3. Deal with one project at a time

Relax, don’t be overwhelmed with all that is waiting to be done.  Focus on one task at a time. Deal with the living room , the bedroom, the kitchen, and other rooms at ago. If you are dealing with the big stuff, then let it be the big stuff first then something else will come in later. You can go with the order with dealing with one box at a time. Work systematically and focus so, this way you will see the progress.

4. Have some time to explore

The first days your movers might not have brought in your stuff yet so you can take such moments to walk around and master your surroundings.  Try out restaurants; look for the schools around, the shopping malls and other things. Getting familiar will help you settle in really first.

5. Find something you enjoy

This too is a great tip, at least identify the one thing that you love doing. My son fell in love with going to school since there he could make new friends and he joined the basketball team.