Having Problems Organizing Your Quilting Tools? We Have the Answer!

Quilting is a hobby that will bring out your artistic side, teach you patience, and improve your attention to detail. Most of you might think that this is just for the ladies, but that is all wrong since anyone can actually learn how to quilt and would enjoy doing it. In fact, it is a great activity that will keep you productive during your spare time.


The only problem that you might face once you start quilting is that you would have multiple tools ranging from small to large items. Of course, the number will increase the more you become skilled. Nonetheless, whether you are a beginner or expert quilter, you must make sure that all your items are organized in one place so that you can prevent losing or misplacing them.

With that said, we have just the right items that you can consider buying for your quilting tools and accessories. To make things easier for you, we will discuss each option briefly.

Travel Case

As similar to your makeup organizers that you use when you travel, a quilting travel case will come in handy, especially if you are always out and about. However, you can also consider them even if you do not travel a lot but love to quilt in different places besides your home.

According to this guide on quilting kits for beginners, when it comes to quilting travel cases, it is always best to consider those that have both shoulder straps and handles. In that way, you have different options on how you would carry them.

Under-Bed Storage Case

Yes, you heard it right! There are also under-bed organizers that are specially designed for your quilting accessories and tools. Basically, you have to choose one that is made of sturdy materials and has quality stitching since, obviously, you will be pulling it in and out of the under-bed, which exposes it to friction.

Under-bed quilting storage is ideal for individuals who do not have enough space in their cabinets and homes. In short, it is a space-saving option.

Basket-Type Storage Bags

As the name implies, this bag for storing quilting supplies has a design that is similar to a basket, which means that it is wide open so that you can easily fit anything. Since it is a bag, it is made of fabric, and not the typical materials used for making baskets.

Ideally, you must look for those that are collapsible so that you can store them easily, just in case you no longer need them. You might think, “Of course, it’s a bag, so it’s collapsible!” Again, it’s not a typical bag. Usually, they have an aluminum frame on top that allows them to stand independently without hindering you from collapsing them when you need to.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of options when it comes to quilting accessory organizers and choosing which one works best for you will depend on the amount of space you have at home as well as your quilting habits. Nevertheless, always make sure that you choose one that is not too bulky but will keep all your items neatly and separately in just one place.

Amazing Benefits of Sleeping Well

Sleep is an essential part of existence. It is an important part of being healthy and living well. However, some people unconsciously neglect this because of a busy working schedule. What they don’t know is that they are taking away a lot of good things that can help them perform better in life. If you are someone who does not get enough sleep in a day, you may not be aware of its benefits. Those who know of its importance spend time and take time to give themselves proper and enough sleep. Why? Here are a couple of good reasons to start investing on a healthy sleeping pattern. Sleep reduces stress. Over the years, stress has been proven to cause unpleasant health problems. Sleep reduces this by hormone regulation. It lowers and stabilizes blood pressure too. This in turn prevents the occurrence of having serious cardiovascular diseases. Also, sleep slows down the aging process. This means the degeneration of the cells in the body is put to the minimum. With this condition, your functioning can be optimized well. Sleep stimulates appetite. When you sleep well, your hormones are regulated.

Hormones like leptin and ghrelin are produced and kept at a normal level. These hormones are responsible for increasing appetite. This can help you maintain a balanced diet and can help prevent skipping of meals which can lead to problems in metabolism. Sleep prevents Diabetes. Diabetes is known to have an association with a high level of glucose in the body. When you sleep well, the regulation and processing of glucose is maximized. It has been said that people who sleep less than five hours a day are at risk for developing this disease. Diabetes is a condition that can debilitate you in a lot of aspects so we have to remember that prevention is key. Sleep enhances memory. A good reason to sleep is to improve your memory. When you deprive your body of sleep, your system will make it difficult for you to focus and think. This can affect your memory on a high level so make sure you get enough sleep in a day. This will help organize and keep your brain functioning at its best level. These are just some of the benefits of sleeping. If you are having a hard time in sleeping because of distractions, you can check out noise cancellation options in 2018 & 2019. There are a couple of tools and gadgets that you can use to prevent noise and other forms of disturbance from keeping you up at night. There are also natural and simple ways to aid in giving you a good sleeping habit. You can alter your sleeping environment or incorporate some changes in your diet. Keeping your room dark, smelling good, comfortable and noise-free can contribute greatly to your sleeping pattern. Maintain a regular sleeping time to let your body get used to it especially at night. Take away all distractions like televisions, cell phones and more to keep your mind from being stimulated time and time again.

Foot Care Tips and Reviews in Best Beauty Haven

It is always important to take care of the body and keep it clean. People in general always take time in cleaning the upper body, especially the face, which is exposed more than the rest of the body. Admit it or not, some people don’t give as much attention to the body parts from the knees down as they for the upper parts. The feet may not be as exposed as the rest of the body during the day, but remember that it is also the closest body part to the ground. When wearing sock or shoes, the feet are put under a dark, moist, and warm environment that is a perfect breeding ground for fungi that can cause skin diseases. It is important to keep the feet just as clean as the rest of the body. Here are some tips on how to take care of the feet:

Wash the feet every day

This is a no-brainer, but sometimes it’s good to be reminded of things that need to be done. Preferably, wash it with warm water and dry it off with a towel.

Check feet for wounds and cuts

People oftentimes don’t notice a cut or an infection until it’s too late. The foot is closest to the ground, making it prone to bites from small insects or parasites. Sometimes small shards of glasses go unnoticed until they are burrowed deep down the skin. It pays to check the feet for such so it can be treated immediately and prevent further damage and infection.

Cut toenails

Ingrown toenails are seriously more painful than stubbing the pinky toe against something hard. Long nails can also gather dirt and germs that may lead to more serious conditions.  It is always good have the nails in check to prevent these.

Exfoliate dead skin cells and calluses

Calluses are inevitable when a person’s everyday activity requires a lot of working. There are many products in the market that help remove calluses. A pumice stone, for example, can be gently rubbed against the area to remove dead skin cells.

Don’t go barefoot

Always use slippers, socks or shoes. Not only will these protect the feet from the harsh terrain, but also protect it from some skin diseases, like the athlete’s foot, that are caused by a fungus that can be passed to another.

Use lotion or medicated foot creams

Keep the feet smooth and soft by applying lotion on the tops and bottoms of the feet, but never between the toes, as this will create a habitable environment for bacteria to grow. In cases of having an infection, use foot creams that are specifically made to combat bacteria and fungus to help heal the infection.

These are just some of the ways to take care of the feet. In Best Beauty Haven, there’s more to know about foot care. Best Beauty Haven gives product reviews and comparison, tips, and foot care advice to give the viewers the best choice for their foot care needs.

EAS Pure Whey Protein Powder: How Does Whey Protein Do?

Whey protein is the essential ingredient of EAS 100 percent Whey Protein Powder; in fact, it contains 30 grams per servings for every 2 scoops. But what does whey protein do? Is it the same protein that is found in foods? To understand more, this article will help you to learn more about Whey Protein.

Whey protein 

Whey is one of the two different types of protein that is found in milk; it is separated from casein (another type of protein) in milk. In fact, according to experts, at about 20 percent of protein found in milk is composed of whey protein and the rest is casein. Also, it is a by-product of the cheese making process and formed into a powder.

How does whey protein work?

Once the whey protein powder is consumed, it is quickly digested and absorbed in the digestive system and rapidly transported into the bloodstream and into the muscles. During extensive training, the fibers of the muscles may break down; however, by taking whey protein, it reduces tearing and wearing of muscle fibers by supplying the body with amino acids.

Amino acids play an essential role in muscle recovery; they boost protein synthesis and slow down the speed of protein breakdown, which can affect the body’s ability to gain lean mass.

So, how important is whey protein intake?

Whey protein intake is not only beneficial to bodybuilders, gym buffs, and athletes; everyone can benefit from adding whey protein into everyone’s diets. How? This additional helpful information will help you understand how useful whey protein intake is.

1. It helps you lose fats but not the muscle

If you want to lose weight and boost your muscles, whey protein powder can help you with that. According to the experts, since whey protein is rapidly digested and absorbed it balances the protein synthesis and the protein breakdown, which is an important factor in achieving muscle growth.

2. It helps boost endurance

Going to the gym and do strenuous activities can be tiring; if you want to endure the whole day in the gym or at sports, take EAS Pure Whey Protein Powder every day according to the instruction where you can find it here: https://proteinforfitness.com/8-tips-finding-best-weight-gain-protein-powder/.

3. It helps you control your cravings

A study was done to test 28 obese men and their appetite if there are significant changes if they take whey protein powder every day. The study was concluded that taking whey protein powder as a drink can reduce the levels of a hormone called ghrelin, which is an appetite stimulator; this means, with low levels of ghrelin, you are able to reduce cravings and your weight too,

4. It supports the health of the heart

According to a study, consuming whey protein as a drink can control the blood pressure. So, if you want to help your body to gain lean muscles and help your heart too, then you should take consider taking this supplement every day. However, you have to remember that, whey protein should be consumed according to the doctor’s or expert’s recommendation for effective use.

Top Reasons Why Handheld Steamers are better than Your Conventional Iron

Ironing clothes is one of the simplest household tasks but can be tiring at most times, especially when you try to remove stubborn wrinkles in some crucial part of the fabric. Fortunately, there are garment steamers to ease all your ironing challenges.

But how good handheld steamers are when compared to conventional ironing?

To fully understand the efficiency of using handheld steamers and why some of the top portable handheld steamers work best than the conventional ironing, below are the top reasons why you should start considering changing your current conventional iron to handheld steamers.

Reason #1: Removing stubborn wrinkles is fast

When it comes to removing stubborn creases, the garment steamers can work much faster than using the conventional ironing device. You do not need to set up the ironing board, all you need to do is hang the cloth on a rod and you may now start removing the stubborn crinkles using your garment steamer. Also, it is much easier and faster to move around and smoothen crucial spots such as the collar area, the button, and the sleeves, where you no longer need to flip the cloth over and over just to remove stubborn wrinkles.

Reason #2: Removing stubborn crinkles becomes easy

When ironing, you have to place the fabric efficiently on the ironing board to avoid adding creases underneath the ironed areas. However, with handheld steamers, you no longer need to flip the clothes over to have the other side ironed and do the same thing whenever you see added creases.

Reason #3: It works on several types of fabric

Everyone is aware that not all fabrics can be ironed, especially delicate fabrics that are made from silk and satin. Fortunately, you can now use a garment steamer to remove wrinkles on delicate fabrics.

Also, handheld steamers are gentle to fabrics. Since you do not need to pin down the fibers just to eliminate wrinkles, you are extending the lifespan of the fabric. In other words, handheld steamers can eliminate stubborn creases without damaging the fibers of the garment.

Reason #4: It can also help sanitize your garment

Did you know that there are handheld steamers that were engineered to sanitize?
There are handheld steamers that are engineered with multi-functions where you can sanitize a garment, the kitchen area, the bathroom, and any area that needs sanitizing.
There are handheld steamers that are versatile enough to be used in almost all areas inside the house.

Reason #5: Handheld steamers are portable

While it is a hassle to bring a traditional iron during travel, you can carry handheld steamers anywhere you go. The handheld steamers are designed portable that can handle hours of straightening any types of fabrics. So, if you have an out of town commitments, you can carry one handheld steamer without worrying about the added weight since most of these are light weighted.

Final Thoughts

The result of traditional ironing is incomparable. However, due to the advanced technology, purchasing a handheld steamer would be a smart idea to support the demands of your busy life.

How to Choose an Embroidery Sewing Machine

Embroidery is a fun craft; with this skill, you can transform a dull fabric into a stunning work of art. Moreover, embroidery is not just a hobby. You can make a living out of it. Thus, if you are searching for a good source of income but with something you love doing, and then use your embroidery skills for a living.

However, there’s a catch in embroidery business, not all are able to reach the customer’s expectations. For instance, the embroidery is too cluttered and the shape is indistinguishable. Moreover, there are embroideries that easily break. If you want your embroidery business to survive, make quality products that are satisfying to your customers. How can you do it?

Use the best embroidery sewing machine that suits your needs. 

Investing in a quality embroidery machine is your edge in this industry. However, it is not easy to look for a perfect embroidery sewing machine, especially that there are several brands of this product in the market. As a guide for beginners and aspiring entrepreneurs in embroidery business, here are some tips on how to choose the best embroidery sewing machine.

Get to Know Each Brand

Most first time buyers prefer to pick well-established embroidery sewing machine brands like Singer and Brother, compared to new releases. For one, famous brands are a safe investment. On a technical perspective, you can guarantee that the sewing machine has durable parts and offers functionality. Although it is a safe pick to choose well-known brands, however, there are also rising embroidery sewing machines with excellent quality.

Therefore, before buying an embroidery sewing machine learn to check it out first. Get to know the brand you are planning to buy. From the build of the machine, the function it offers and its performance. Reading product reviews will help you in deciding which one to pick.

Easy to Use

For beginners, a user-friendly embroidery sewing machine is the most ideal investment. A sewing machine with complex mechanism will only cause problems and difficulty in accomplishing your projects. Thus, stick to brands that are easy to control and manage. For example, see to it that the sewing machine has a control screen, buttons and additional features that are quick to understand.

Consider Embroidery Hoop Sizes and Embroidery Area

Size matters when it comes to choosing an embroidery sewing machine. It is important to take note of the machine’s embroidery hoop sizes and embroidery area. The larger feature it has, the better. A larger embroidery hoop can help you make larger embroideries. The best size to pick is around 4×4. Therefore, you can make various designs in different sizes at your will.

Built-in Designs

Modern embroidery sewing machines offer built-in designs. In addition, you can download additional designs if you are in need of more design options. Latest embroidery sewing machines feature memory card slots and USB ports to allow install more designs. You might consider this option when looking for an embroidery sewing machine.

Handpicking an embroidery sewing machine is a difficult task. But with the right guide and assistance, you can find the perfect embroidery sewing machine for your needs.

Bidet Quick Facts: What Makes Portable Bidet Sprayer a Great Alternative to Toilet Paper?

Portable handheld bidets are making a leap in the market. This cleaning device has turned out a success particularly in wellness and hygiene care industry. In fact, you can find several advertisements whether printed, online or on-air promoting the benefits of handheld bidets.

But is it really time to replace toilet paper with bidet sprayer? What makes this device a wonderful alternative to toilet papers?

Here is what you must know about portable bidet sprayer.

Say Goodbye to Bacteria

Compared to toilet papers, bidet spray is twice more hygienic. Using this cleaning device does not require touching or wiping; all you have to do is push the button, let the nozzle spray water and clean yourself. But that is not all; this type of bidet has an anti-bacterial and self-sanitizing technology, which guarantees you a clean after-toilet experience.

Conserve Water

Based on reports, toilet paper production consumes more than 470 billion gallons of water annually. But if you use a bidet sprayer, you can help to conserve water and trees. Thus, this cleaning spray is designed as an eco-friendly tool.

Provides Convenience and Comfort

Another aspect that makes bidet sprayer an excellent support in the toilet is its ability to provide convenience and comfort. There are several brands of bidets which are portable and have ergonomic features. For instance, certain bidets have a long hose and several nozzles wherein each one is utilized for a specific function.

You can learn more about this by reading product reviews of leading bidet sprayer this year. Moreover, don’t miss this portable bidet sprayer review to know more amazing features of this device.

A Practical Device for Individuals with Medical Conditions

Are you suffering from a poor mobility? Do you have an elder family member?

Bidet sprays are designed for all types of individual. However, it is a greater help to people with mobility problems, elders or disabilities. This device is engineered to help a person clean after his/herself without asking another support. Thus, if you or one of your family members is suffering from mobility issues, this solution is the best option out there.

An Affordable Alternative

What makes bidet spray more impressive compared to toilet papers is its affordability. The price of bidet sprays ranges from $23 to $99 being the most expensive. On the other hand, toilet paper cost from $0.99 to $5. Each year, an average person consumes at least 50lbs of toilet paper annually. When you think of it, using toilet paper is more expensive since you have to replace your supply every time it runs out. But if you use a bidet spray, you no longer have to buy another one for a long time. Hence, you can save more when you use this cleaning device rather than constantly purchasing rolls of toilet papers.

Now, are you interested to invest a bidet spray?

If you are, learn first some tips on how to select the best bidet spray in the market. Consult the experts to assist you in your buying decisions.

Why You Need a Solar Backpack

In recent years, the cost of producing solar cells and solar power implements has gone down considerably mainly because manufacturers already has a streamlined production. A stark contrast to how slow production was and proportionally expensive a couple of decades ago. With the popularity of solar power harnessing systems, innovative products have also started to show up on store shelves.

One product worth mentioning is the solar backpack; Portable solar chargers, solar flashlights, solar-powered water heaters. Who would have thought to come up with a Meta solar product where all these aforementioned solar products can be neatly placed inside? The question is how useful is it to have a solar backpack in addition to all other portable solar devices? Here are some compelling reasons why solar backpack is a great go-to pack for daily use.

1. More cells, more power. The more solar cells and the bigger the solar panel is for a solar-powered device, the greater is its capability to harness solar energy. Of course, the total power stored depends on battery size. But a bigger solar panel makes it possible to fill up a large-capacity battery pack. And what portable device has bigger solar panels than a backpack? Probably a solar-powered poncho! But that’s not something one would wear every day.

2. Charge phones conveniently. The irony of mobile phone technology is that battery power seems to be unable to catch up to the plethora of capabilities that phones are getting every single year. What used to be days of standby power is now reduced to, at most, two days. It would seem that the solution for this is to always have a charger on ready. And that is something that a solar backpack can provide even while in transit.

3. Store power anytime. The large solar panel embedded in solar backpacks don’t go to waste if the harnessed solar energy isn’t used for the entire day. With battery packs included, owners of these amazing bags can simply store power during the day and use it up at night. Great solution for late night commutes after an overtime. It’s also quite dependable for short weekend getaways where a power outlet isn’t always accessible.

4. Because, why not? There are plenty of other good reasons to get a solar backpack. Mostly for specific scenarios that fit a backpack users use case. However, using one shouldn’t be something that should take a lot of considerations at all. Because, really, it’s just like any other backpacks, but better. Anyone who’s using a backpack, whether daily basis or infrequently should replace their traditional backpacks with the innovative wonder that is the solar-powered backpack.

Naturally, there will be naysayers who’d discard the legitimacy of a solar backpack on grounds of it looking tacky. But that’s just their discomfort on new things talking nonsense. Check out blogs and websites that can provide specific details on what to look for when buying solar backpacks. It’s best to read more here to understand the specifications of these backpacks as well as the models that owners consider to be amazing in the design department.

Relaxation and Health

Too many people nowadays live a very hectic lifestyle. You are probably one of them. I am sure of the fact that you spend long hours at work, that you struggle with hectic schedules and strict deadlines and that there are numerous other problems that stress you out. When you finally get to go home after a long day at work, there are kids waiting for you and dozens of chores. Are we right? We know that this is exactly how you live your life, which is easy to understand why you eat so irregular and unhealthy and why you feel tired all the time. Stress is also present in your daily life and probably at very high levels. Are we right? I know we are right again. The big problem is that the combination of stress and an unhealthy diet will most certainly lead to health problems; I know that you will develop a lot of conditions and diseases that will prove to be very dangerous, so this is something that needs to stop. How can you put a stop to this? It is very simple: you make a lifestyle change.

A lifestyle change involves eating as healthy as possible. This should not be very difficult as a bit of research will help you find a lot of tips and tricks on how to prepare quick, healthy meals and how to healthily snack. However, the stress problem is a bit more complicated to solve. Since the daily stress to feel has reached such high levels, then we recommend you to do as many things as possible that help you relax. If you feel that you have no time for yourself because you need to take care of your family, keep in mind that your family needs you healthy. You can offer yourself at least 20 minutes every single evening for a much needed and deserved relaxation. During these 20 minutes you can enjoy a foot massage thanks to a quality bath spa massager, such as Conair. You should check it out and find out more about the benefits of enjoying a foot massage every single evening. Of course, this will help your feet relax, you won’t feel them tired anymore and you won’t feel pain anymore. In addition to this, a relaxing foot massage will help relieve the symptoms of anxiety and depression, it will help you get rid of headaches and migraines, it will have excellent effects if you are dealing with severe fatigue or suffering from insomnia and it can also lower high blood pressure. Of course, if you have a bad circulation in your lower extremities, this will be solved as well.

Do you now better understand why we love the spa bath massager so much and why it is that we strongly recommend you to make such an investment? Do you now understand why it is such a good idea to turn your attention to such a machine? Buy a quality foot spa massager machine as I know that you will be thrilled with the effects,

Considerations When Buying Anti-fatigue Mats

There are plenty of jobs today that require standing in place for hours on end. Not everyone has the pleasure of sitting in a comfortable swivel chair during their working hours. Although it’s not necessarily a good thing to sit for the entire day – as it is detrimental to the spine’s health. Nevertheless, it’s hard to deny that the alternative, which is standing up, just feels as bad as any back pain caused by sitting. Fatigue can be just as annoying. But then again, that’s the reality that some of us have to deal with.

However, standing up for several hours almost every day doesn’t have to be as tiresome. Anti-fatigue mats can be used to alleviate the negative effects of standing up for long periods. Business owners should definitely consider investing in them to keep their staff smiling throughout their shift. But before buying them, there are several things that should be considered to avoid buyer’s regret. Here are some helpful things to take note of when deciding what anti-fatigue mat to get.

1. Thickness. The thickness of an anti-fatigue mat is extremely important. It’s a crucial specification that should be looked into in detail or else risk buying an ineffective mat. The widely accepted thickness that is considered to be effective is 3/4″. Any thinner and it’s probably going to feel like any other mat, which defeats the purpose.

2. Durability. Without question, an anti-fatigue mat should be able to withstand the constant downward pressure onto it. Durable mats can last for years. This is considering the fact that it should not be deliberately stepped on vigorously in the first place.

3. Price. For a small business, or for home use, buying one or two mats isn’t going to be a problem price-wise. However, when buying several items for a medium-sized business, looking into the cost of each mat is important. But then again, this shouldn’t be the biggest factor in choosing an anti-fatigue mat to buy. After all, there are plenty of cheap brands that are also cheaply made. On the other hand, there are also expensive brands that are too pricey for what they can offer. When in doubt, go for averagely priced mats. Or better yet, check out reviews to get a better idea of some of the best anti-fatigue mats money can buy.

4. Material. The material used for the insides of an anti-fatigue mat makes or breaks its capability in abating fatigue. It goes hand in hand with mat thickness but is rather easier to check out. There are three common materials used in mats: foam, rubber, and gel. Of the three, the most common is naturally the cheapest one, which is foam. It’s also the least effective. The most effective anti-fatigue material for a mat is the gel but is undeniably more expensive than the two. Rubber provides a friendly price point but has an average performance in fighting fatigue. If money isn’t an issue, better aim for gels. Or heck, consider it as an investment and go for gels anyway since they’ll be put to good use anyway.