The use of messenger bags has been passed down to many generations with just but a few adjustments. Some people refer to it as courier bags or carryalls. The use of this bag in the modern days is quite different from the past. There are some that use messenger bags when going to the offices while others prefer carrying around their items in it when going for a bike ride or a picnic. It is advisable that you consider the kind of activity you are planning to engage on before you decide on the type of messenger bag that you will buy. This article will help you learn the various types of messenger bags that are available in the market.


This bag has been designed with features that makes it to resemble a briefcase. It has two vertical straps for the buckles that you can use to close the bag. These bags can vary in terms of size, style and design. You can learn more about them here.

Vertical Messenger Bag

You will realize that most messenger bags have been designed with shorter height than width. This is however not the same case with vertical messenger bags. They have a longer height than width. Just like regular messenger bags, these kind of bags come in a wide range of fabrics, including leather and canvas.


The most common feature about this kind of messenger bag is that it is made of leather. You will realize that this kind of bag has a design that sets it apart from other types of leather bags for men. A leather briefcase mostly features a frontal flap and a set of buckle straps that you can use for fastening the bag shut. There are some that even have a number of outer front pockets.

Military Bag

Most of the modern military bags have been inspired by actual army items. You will realize that most of these bags are rugged, rough and versatile. They are mostly designed using canvas material, but can also include other elements such as leather and even badges. There are various pockets both on the inside, as well as on the outside of this bag. The main design features that is notable in this kind of bag are practicality and durability.

The Saddle Bag

These bags are quite similar to satchels. The major feature that sets this bag apart is the rounded shape of the frontal flap. Initially, this design ingredient was incorporated so as to make the bag easier to wear by horse riders. Nowadays, it is just there simply because it looks cool.

The Multi-Pocket Organizer

You should opt for a multi-pocket messenger bag if you are looking for practicality. The design of this kind of bag was inspired by utility workers, even though this bag is very common among fishermen and hunters. It has outer pockets that makes the task of organizing and keeping your items within your reach quite easy.