If you plan to renovate your kitchen and are ready to invest in new appliances, we think that it will be worth taking a closer look at induction cooktops. They are not very popular in the USA just yet but you’ll find them in numerous European homes and restaurants and for a good reason. It is true that there are pros and cons to the use of induction cooktops but we believe that the pros outnumber the cons. Anyways, it is best for you to get a clear picture of what to expect from an induction cooktop, so here is what you should know.


  • Quick, almost instant heat. The heat goes directly into the pan, which reduces the cooking time by 25 to 50%.
  • Efficiency- the heat goes directly into the cookware, not to the whole surface. This makes induction cooktops up to 70% more efficient than cooktops based on gas or electricity.
  • Safety- this is an important advantage to consider, especially if you have kids. Since the heat goes mostly into the pan, the risk of burns by touching the cooktop is much reduced. In addition to this, there is no flame that can start a fire and once the cooktop is turned off, the pan and the surface almost immediately cool down, so here’s another reduced risk of burns.


  • Price- we have to admit it: induction cooktops are quite pricey. They cost more than traditional gas or electric cooktops because of the technology they use but we believe that it is worth it!
  • Cookware is a small issue, as you’ll need pans and pots that are especially designed for induction cooktops. The induction cookware has a special magnet that sticks to the base of the cooktop, so again, this cookware is more expensive than regular cookware.

This is the information around pros and cons that we think it is important for you to keep in mind. As you can see, besides the increased budget, there is no other reason why you shouldn’t turn your attention to induction cooktops. If you have the budget, then we think that there is no better choice that you can make. This is why we recommend you not to waste time anymore and check out some decent reviews of two burner induction cooktops now available on the market. Websites such as Induction Pros represent the perfect place to find detailed reviews for cooktops, so check it out and see what it can offer. It is thanks to the experts at Induction Pros that you will find out a bit more about the best products now on the market and their features, so visit their website and read all the info they put at your disposal. Also follow their guidance if you feel a bit confused and overwhelmed by the choice as we know that they have the knowledge and the experience necessary to help you make the right investment. Just trust these guys as they truly know what they are doing.