The underwater world is a place that always excites most of us especially if we see a lot of fishes and sea creatures. In fact, some experts claim that looking at swimming fishes is therapeutic especially for those who are having emotional and mental imbalances. This activity can also help relieve stress. Since we cannot always go to the beach for snorkeling and diving activities, we sometimes watch videos on the internet.

The best solution though is to set up your own freshwater aquarium at home. As such, you would always have a good sight. Likewise, the sound of the constant flowing of water is also relaxing and therapeutic. In addition, the regular cleaning and maintenance of the aquarium is also something that can help divert your negative feelings.

With that in mind, if you are excited and interested in having an aquarium, you must be familiar with the different items that you need apart from the fish tank itself.

Different Equipment for Setting Up a Freshwater Aquarium

As similar to most animals, fishes need to live in a home that is as close as their natural habitat as possible. You must provide them with the familiarity not just in the physical appearance but also temperature and pH levels of the water. To succeed, you must have the following:

  • Filtration System

Filters are important when you set up an aquarium to help maintain its cleanliness or it is safer to say, to keep the aquarium clean for a longer period. Aquariums are not free flowing like natural bodies of water. That is the reason why molds and other particulate matters will form immediately. Hence, the filter comes into play.

According to the Fish Tank World website, aquarium filters come in different kinds and you must select the one that will work best for the size of your fish tank, the fish species, and other factors. You must consult an expert with regards to this but you can always rely on pet shop sellers. Also, if you have a big aquarium, it is always better to install multiple filters of different varieties.

  • Substrate

A substrate also acts as a filter but it is biological in nature. This comes in the form of gravel, sand, rocks, and river stones. Choosing which one to use does not really matter. Nonetheless, whatever substrate you use, you must make sure that you cover two inches of the bottom. This is approximately one to two pounds when you have a standard-sized aquarium.

  • Chillers and Heaters

These are devices that will help change the temperature of the water that is pumped in the aquarium. What to put will depend on the temperature in your area as well as whether the fish is cold or warm-loving.

Final Words

The items we discussed above are just some of the equipment that you would need for your fish tank or aquarium. Some other things that would need include fish tank plants, displays, UV sterilizers, and power heads or propellers.