Settling into your new home can take years and years when you don’t have the right tips up your sleeve. The new experience, the new environment, the new neighbors and above all, the new house can be quite a challenge to adapt and feel at home once more. That should not be a hustle any more, here are some tips that helped me settle in in only a week, in the past when I moved from the east Coast to Syracuse, I never settled in until but now I feel so much at home here in Pennsylvania, I have adopted my home and my children too.  These are the 5 tips that helped:

1. Clean your house

Many houses look  clean when moving in but you may find some hidden dirt in the corners and high places, plus you can only trust your cleaning so clean as much as you can. You will feel safer when yu clean your new house, and you will also feel your children are in a clean environment so they can play around without you worrying. Moving itself is tiring so thinking of dusting and mopping can sound as a bad idea. You don’t need to break your back when cleaning, use machines that will clean more effectively and faster and with less effort. You can consider the Ironton gas cold water pressure washer for effective cleaning.

2. Unpack the big stuff first

This too is not fun, but my hubby and I decided to try it out, and it worked! We really wanted our new home to have a ‘home’ feeling so we got rid of the big boxes and we arranged the big stuff ad furniture in place.  Our front room was well set up within the first three days so we had a place to relax and feel at home. We had the beds squared out in the first couple of days too. Aside from the feel at home feeing that this brings, unpacking the big stuff first means you still have the energy, small stuff can be so tiresome.

3. Deal with one project at a time

Relax, don’t be overwhelmed with all that is waiting to be done.  Focus on one task at a time. Deal with the living room , the bedroom, the kitchen, and other rooms at ago. If you are dealing with the big stuff, then let it be the big stuff first then something else will come in later. You can go with the order with dealing with one box at a time. Work systematically and focus so, this way you will see the progress.

4. Have some time to explore

The first days your movers might not have brought in your stuff yet so you can take such moments to walk around and master your surroundings.  Try out restaurants; look for the schools around, the shopping malls and other things. Getting familiar will help you settle in really first.

5. Find something you enjoy

This too is a great tip, at least identify the one thing that you love doing. My son fell in love with going to school since there he could make new friends and he joined the basketball team.