Smoothies and shakes made from fruits and vegetable blend is an effective way to detoxify yourself. Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants that slow down the process of aging resulting in wellness and a longer life. But of course, you will need the right kitchen equipment to supply your healthy diet. And the best kitchen tools for making delicious and nutritious smoothies are blenders.

As you probably know, searching the best blenders for smoothies is confusing given with the numerous brands of this item. Consulting online sources like the Prime Shop Kitchen might help you to determine the right blender for your needs. But if you need more help, follow these tips for choosing the best blenders for smoothies.

Pitcher Style and Size

The first thing you need to check on a blender is the pitcher style and size. Blenders come in a variety of mixing tank size. Some brand has smaller sizes which are ideal for one to two servings of smoothies. On the other hand, there are specific brands with larger volumes that can prepare up to four servings of smoothies. Between a small and a large size blender, it is best to choose one with a larger volume. With this, you can create more servings of smoothies, shakes or salsa at once.

Also, there are pitcher deigns that offers convenience. An example of it is the Doctor Hetzner Personal Blender. This blender features an on the go pitcher so you can bring your nutritious drink anywhere you go.

Pre-programmed Settings

The latest models of blenders today features smart technology and pre-programmed settings. This feature allows you to control and choose the right settings to form creating smoothies, shakes, salsa and other of your favorites. All you need to do is push the button of your chosen preset program.

Power Rating

The horsepower and wattage of a blender’s motor have a huge impact on its performance. It tells you what type of ingredients the blender can handle and how it can blend. The minimum power of a blender for making smoothies is 500 watts. On the other hand, higher wattage power is ideal for blending tough foods like nuts, ice cubes, vegetables, and hard fruits. Do not choose a blender with below than the recommended minimum power rating. Such blender won’t handle the pressure of crushing fruits.


Blenders come in varying colors and styles. Some look very much attractive that while others have a discreet appearance. Likewise, there are traditional blenders that take up much of your countertop space. Thus, you might want to consider a blender that suits your countertop well enough.

Another important feature that you should consider when buying a blender is the visibility of the control settings. Blenders have pulse button or knobs to make it work. Other blenders have more buttons which allow you to control the speed and program of the equipment. When you buy a blender, make sure that these programs are easy to understand and control. Also, see to it that the labels for each button are readable. It is a hassle for elders to use a blender with complicated settings. Thus, better choose a user-friendly blender for your kitchen.