Anyone interested in decorating one’s home may have heard of this peculiar type of lamps: the Himalayan Salt Lamps. These salt lamps give off an alluring warm color when lit and is sure to catch the attention of anyone. The big chunks of salt don’t vary much from the ordinary table salt in the home, only they have more mineral components in them that give it a pinkish color. People buy these salt lamps for different reasons. Some buy it for its attractiveness and its aesthetic value of the home, and some buy for the health benefits it gives.  Here are more reasons why getting a salt lamp are a good addition to the home:

Purifies Air

This is one of the most common reasons why people buy salt lamps. They are actually incredibly good at cleaning and deodorizing air around the room. They do this through a process called hygroscopy, which basically means the salt lamps attract the water molecules in the air around, trapping the dust and other particles in the salt.

Promotes Good Sleep

There are several reports from users that salt lamps help them get some sleep easier. There are no studies that back up the claim that the air ionization in the room promotes relaxation, thus falling asleep easier. However, the dim light from the salt lamp may have a positive effect on relaxing the eyes, making it easy to fall asleep.

Increases Energy Levels and Boosts Mood

Positive ions actually drain energy from the body. Salt lamps release negative ions in the room, exposing the person to higher concentrations of negative ion, increasing energy in the body. Activities such as going on an outdoor adventure, or taking a shower, are examples of activities that expose the body to negative ions, which makes people feel invigorated and refreshed.

High exposure to negative ions also helps boost mood and concentration. The negative ions get into the body and help improve the oxygen and blood supply to the body, making the person focus more and helps in improving mood.

Reduces Static Electricity

Although static electricity is not a real problem and generally not painful, it could sometimes be annoying and mildly shock anyone. The negative ions released by the salt lamps help neutralize the static electricity in the, lessening the occurrence static shocks.

Decorative Value

The salt lamps are not only great in providing real health benefits for the users, but it also adds to the aesthetics of the interior of the home. Salt lamps are attractive and are sure to gather attention and compliments from visitors, compared to the traditional lamps. The light emitted from the lamp gives a warm and relaxing feeling, creating a calm ambiance in the home.

People buy these salt lamps for different reasons, but it is clear that most of them are in it for its health benefits and its additional decorative value in the home. Himalayan Salt Lamps are the best choice when choosing for the next lamp to buy for the home. For more information visit the site here: