Ironing clothes is one of the simplest household tasks but can be tiring at most times, especially when you try to remove stubborn wrinkles in some crucial part of the fabric. Fortunately, there are garment steamers to ease all your ironing challenges.

But how good handheld steamers are when compared to conventional ironing?

To fully understand the efficiency of using handheld steamers and why some of the top portable handheld steamers work best than the conventional ironing, below are the top reasons why you should start considering changing your current conventional iron to handheld steamers.

Reason #1: Removing stubborn wrinkles is fast

When it comes to removing stubborn creases, the garment steamers can work much faster than using the conventional ironing device. You do not need to set up the ironing board, all you need to do is hang the cloth on a rod and you may now start removing the stubborn crinkles using your garment steamer. Also, it is much easier and faster to move around and smoothen crucial spots such as the collar area, the button, and the sleeves, where you no longer need to flip the cloth over and over just to remove stubborn wrinkles.

Reason #2: Removing stubborn crinkles becomes easy

When ironing, you have to place the fabric efficiently on the ironing board to avoid adding creases underneath the ironed areas. However, with handheld steamers, you no longer need to flip the clothes over to have the other side ironed and do the same thing whenever you see added creases.

Reason #3: It works on several types of fabric

Everyone is aware that not all fabrics can be ironed, especially delicate fabrics that are made from silk and satin. Fortunately, you can now use a garment steamer to remove wrinkles on delicate fabrics.

Also, handheld steamers are gentle to fabrics. Since you do not need to pin down the fibers just to eliminate wrinkles, you are extending the lifespan of the fabric. In other words, handheld steamers can eliminate stubborn creases without damaging the fibers of the garment.

Reason #4: It can also help sanitize your garment

Did you know that there are handheld steamers that were engineered to sanitize?
There are handheld steamers that are engineered with multi-functions where you can sanitize a garment, the kitchen area, the bathroom, and any area that needs sanitizing.
There are handheld steamers that are versatile enough to be used in almost all areas inside the house.

Reason #5: Handheld steamers are portable

While it is a hassle to bring a traditional iron during travel, you can carry handheld steamers anywhere you go. The handheld steamers are designed portable that can handle hours of straightening any types of fabrics. So, if you have an out of town commitments, you can carry one handheld steamer without worrying about the added weight since most of these are light weighted.

Final Thoughts

The result of traditional ironing is incomparable. However, due to the advanced technology, purchasing a handheld steamer would be a smart idea to support the demands of your busy life.