A wallet is an item that is needed to store and organize cash, IDs, and credit cards in a safe manner. At times, we even use it to hold our receipts and the picture of our loved one. A lot of men are often contented with a wallet that has been with them for several years. Most of the time they just replace it when it is already totally dilapidated or wearing and tearing are already obvious. Hence, a wallet is one of the best gifts that you can give your dad, uncle, husband, boyfriend, boss, co-worker, or friend.


When you try to scout for one, you might be shocked to know that wallets for men actually come in different styles, designs, and other stuff. In fact, there are already a lot of websites like Walletisland that specifically reviews men’s wallets. However, you must still have an idea about the several types so that you can easily check out which review to read and product to look at. With that said, we are here to help you out as we will briefly discuss some of the most common types of men’s wallets.


Based on the Number of Folds


Men’s wallets come in two types of folds namely bi-fold and tri-fold. As the name implies, a bi-fold wallet is the one that can be folded once to produce two compartments. Meaning, the rectangular shaped wallet will be folded into half for easier and space-saving storage inside the pocket or bag. Most designs come with an open compartment for the money and have slots for cards to be stored in a vertical or horizontal manner. Some models, on the other hand, have an extra zippered slot for coins.


The tri-fold type, on the contrary, contains two flaps that can be folded in the center of the rectangular wallet that usually occupies a third of the wallet’s full size. This type only holds cards in a vertical position and is somewhat bulkier than the bi-fold type as it can hold more cash and cards.


Based on Thickness


Thick wallets have been used since the introduction of men’s wallets. Such thickness is not just owed to the content of the wallet itself but also to its design. Since men are used to placing their wallets in their front or back pockets, some manufacturers have tried to find a way to develop wallets that will not produce any bulk in the pocket. Hence, there are now the so-called slim wallets. Obviously, they can hold a lesser number of cards and fewer bills of cash. Nonetheless, there are designs that come incorporated with money clips.


Other Types


There are also men’s wallets that are just intended to hold cards. These are very convenient for people who have a lot of IDs, ATM, and credit cards that they need to carry around. It can help loosen up their primary wallet. There are also those that come with a chain in order to protect the wallet from being stolen.


Final Words


Indeed, buying your loved one a wallet is quite difficult because of the many selections. The secret is that you always have to think about the specific need of the person whom you are giving it.