In recent years, the cost of producing solar cells and solar power implements has gone down considerably mainly because manufacturers already has a streamlined production. A stark contrast to how slow production was and proportionally expensive a couple of decades ago. With the popularity of solar power harnessing systems, innovative products have also started to show up on store shelves.

One product worth mentioning is the solar backpack; Portable solar chargers, solar flashlights, solar-powered water heaters. Who would have thought to come up with a Meta solar product where all these aforementioned solar products can be neatly placed inside? The question is how useful is it to have a solar backpack in addition to all other portable solar devices? Here are some compelling reasons why solar backpack is a great go-to pack for daily use.

1. More cells, more power. The more solar cells and the bigger the solar panel is for a solar-powered device, the greater is its capability to harness solar energy. Of course, the total power stored depends on battery size. But a bigger solar panel makes it possible to fill up a large-capacity battery pack. And what portable device has bigger solar panels than a backpack? Probably a solar-powered poncho! But that’s not something one would wear every day.

2. Charge phones conveniently. The irony of mobile phone technology is that battery power seems to be unable to catch up to the plethora of capabilities that phones are getting every single year. What used to be days of standby power is now reduced to, at most, two days. It would seem that the solution for this is to always have a charger on ready. And that is something that a solar backpack can provide even while in transit.

3. Store power anytime. The large solar panel embedded in solar backpacks don’t go to waste if the harnessed solar energy isn’t used for the entire day. With battery packs included, owners of these amazing bags can simply store power during the day and use it up at night. Great solution for late night commutes after an overtime. It’s also quite dependable for short weekend getaways where a power outlet isn’t always accessible.

4. Because, why not? There are plenty of other good reasons to get a solar backpack. Mostly for specific scenarios that fit a backpack users use case. However, using one shouldn’t be something that should take a lot of considerations at all. Because, really, it’s just like any other backpacks, but better. Anyone who’s using a backpack, whether daily basis or infrequently should replace their traditional backpacks with the innovative wonder that is the solar-powered backpack.

Naturally, there will be naysayers who’d discard the legitimacy of a solar backpack on grounds of it looking tacky. But that’s just their discomfort on new things talking nonsense. Check out blogs and websites that can provide specific details on what to look for when buying solar backpacks. It’s best to read more here to understand the specifications of these backpacks as well as the models that owners consider to be amazing in the design department.