Bathroom renovations are great because when the job is done, if you are pleased with the outcome, you will feel like the entire vibe of the house has changed. However, we have to admit that getting there is going to be a long way. Unfortunately, renovations are not fun, regardless of how much you fight to make them fun; all sorts of things will come up along the way, from small problems that can be fixed with a little change of plans to big ones which will cut deep into the budget. If, however, you are ready to do some additional reading in order to make your bathroom renovation as easy and fun as possible, check out the article below and find out more about toilet seats. Choosing the right toilet seat is, unfortunately, commonly overlooked. Homeowners think that all they have to do is to go to a specialized store, pick a seat and that’s that. What if the seat doesn’t fit the toilet? What if it is a noisy one that slams with a horrible sound? What if it is made of a material that is not durable nor comfortable?

We are here to help and we are ready to share some useful tips and tricks with you, so please check out the article below and find out more about wood versus plastic toilet seats. The material from which the toilet seat is made is one of the biggest bathroom renovation controversies you will have to deal with. The most common controversy you will come across is wood versus plastic. Well, let me tell you right from the beginning that you won’t find a definite answer for that. All you can do is to check the pros and cons of wood vs plastic toilet seats and get your own answer, the one that best suits you and your preferences. If you are looking for something more elegant that looks stylish, then you will probably go with a wooden toilet seat; if cleaning and hygiene are your priorities, then you will probably prefer the plastic toilet seat. I think that it is important to look at wood versus plastic toilet seats from two points of view: size and weight on one hand and durability on the other.

Size and weight:

  • Most toilet seats are made of molded plastic- They can be very lightweight. For some people, these seats are cold and quite uncomfortable.
  • Wood seats- The ones made of solid wood, oak to be more specific, feel heavier and sturdier. They come painted in white or in the natural color of the wood and they will have an elegant feel in any bathroom.


  • Wood and plastic toilet seats are quite the same when it comes to usability and installation. However, it is interesting to keep in mind that plastic toilet seats will last longer.

When it comes to buying a toilet seat and comparing wood and plastic, it all goes down to your personal choice. Just check out your options and choose the one that best fits you.